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Dovey Valley Shooting Ground

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Dovey Valley SG .

Wow ! What a pleasurable experience .

A VERY organised management team , beautifully manicured lawns and pathways , brilliant targets a truly eye opening experience .

It was the WCTSA Welsh Open , run for the very first time here and run to perfection.

I have not been to this ground for possibly twenty years and I do have to say it really was a pleasure to see so many smiling faces actually enjoying clayshooting, even those having an 'off day' got over it and ended up smiling .

The ground has over 60 stands so there should be something to suit people of every ability .

For the struggling Game shot wishing to brush up on their skills either before or after a day at 'The Brigands' Dovey Valley is only about 6 miles down the road from The Brigands Inn towards Machynlleth, Powys,  postcode SY20 8QJ .

Plenty of hotels , B&B at sensible prices to lure the traveller to make a weekend of it .

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We go to Dovey quite a lot, especially since Mid Wales is now a caravan park :/

Over the last 2 years they worked a LOT on the grounds, traps, and facilities, it's really nice to see. I didn't shoot the open (I was fishing on Clewedog reservoir!) -- how were the targets? One thing which I moan about a bit is that the normal targets are a bit 'gamy' -- ie, flying flat. There's not a single battue in sight, or loopers for that matter. I mean it's still fun to shoot, but up to that point I thought they should add a few more 'modern' clay targets.

Having said that, I have no idea what the Open layout was, for all I know, they added them so I might be all wrong (and quite happy to be!)

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Buze ,

 Yes you are a little out of touch , thankfully .

I think the Welsh Open was their first big day after the shooting ground has been taken back into family management .

Richard Jones and his good Lady Nia are trying very hard to do a good job .

I believe Jonathan Williams of Mid Wales has been very helpful .

The targets for the Welsh were set by Richard 'Brewster' Hughes so were very good , (he's not too bad for a novice!).

I cannot recommend Dovey highly enough for a change of scenery and I am sure that targets can be set and supplied to suit every customers tastes and requirements .

All this ground now requires is footfall from an appreciative customer base .

If we don't use it we'll lose it . 

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