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.17 hmr sound mod

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I’ve got a SAK, cheap but if my ears aren’t deceiving me the bullet crack makes more noise than the muzzle. I’ve no issues at all with the SAK but as it is .22 bore must have some inefficiency. I would probably go for a calibre diameter specific centre fire rated moderator if I had the money to spare in all honesty. 

Some test results from Shooting Times .17HMR dBr: Whisper 23.3dB, SAK 26.9dB, SM11 28.6dB and LEI 27.5dB

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6 hours ago, blackbird said:

I once removed the SAK & had a shot without a sound mod, bloody hell what a noise 😂

 i think deep down we would all like hollywood quiet.

  in reality it  requires subsonic FMJ ammo with a combination of baffles and multiple rubber wipes which has no place in hunting. still really cool though :)

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