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15 minutes ago, cookoff013 said:

i heard a rumor that we will never have any shotgun ammunition ever again. 

the same rumor we will need a toilet paper licence to buy toilet paper in the future.

if you`ve ever handled a penny the government has your DNA.


Well, yes, I wouldn't be at all surprised as after all, they've been relieving me of my hard earned LSD under various guises for years. They've just kindly written explaining how pleased they are with the considerate manner by which they've been able to help themselves to some more via my new over 75s TV licence.

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Much of the ammunition sold in the USA is actually made over this side of the Atlantic. PPU is said to be the biggest civilian CF ammo maker in the world by making components for many other well known names under contract. Sellier and Bellot the same story including making a lot of the Winchester branded ammo.. Fiocci is huge too 

The problem for dealers in this country are fire regs, damaging and unrealistically imposed storage requirements plus punative insurance costs, if they can get insurance, its all crippling the market. Many banks have made life much more difficult for RFDs too.

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On 17/09/2020 at 11:23, mellors said:

Phoned all 4 shops around me this morning. No 20gauge steel. Last 3 weeks it's gone up 20%. I'm betting by the end of the month they'll suddenly have stock again. 

I was right. Rang two of my local gun shops and low and behold shelves full of 20 g steel cartridges. Of course at the new 20% inflated price. Strange that. 

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