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Vintage air rifles,

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20 hours ago, johnbaz said:


I'd go for a BSA Standard, The top two of these are Standards, Third down is a 1906 BSA Air Rifle, Bottom one is I think a Model D


The Standard shoots with more power due to the larger size..

A comparison between The Standard and the 1906 guns cylinders..



There's also older Webley rifles like the little mk1 and the Service mk2 rifles, The mk3 are also very nicely made..



The mk3 is my fave Webbo, The top one is a very early first series with the two stage trigger 👍



The old Original model 50's are very nice to shoot too, The three ball sear trigger is fab to use 😉

I refurbished the stock on this one as it was a bit nasty!



Also, The Mod50 type 01 is nice if a bit bigger than it's predecessor


aBlxL3e.jpg These are a bit harder to find though..


Another nice gun to shoot is the early Airsporters (Mk1 and 2) with their auto opening loading taps!



Don't be tempted in to buying Jackal pseudo mil guns as they're really loud and vibrate terribley with the plazzie stocks!

The timpber stocked ones seem fine though!



Good luck with whatever you go with 👍😎



John 🙂




That is an impressive collection 👍

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