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Do I have to rfd a new barrel?

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I’m going to take a punt here and say that it would wholey depend on weather it is fac air or sub 12ft lb. the later being (as far as I am aware) perfectly legal to send through the postal service/courier. No doubt if I am incorrect I will shortly be corrected. 

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14 hours ago, ratchers said:

Its a dealer selling the barrel and its sub 12flb.

Sorry then not , sure . Strange you can buy an air rifle / pistol  From the EU have it shipped to your door for around £ 15 . Yet here in the UK you are stuck with two RFD costs at maybe  50 quid total . At the end of the day its just a meta tube  . Sorry can't be more helpfull . Plus here in Scotland  we have the bleeding licence  to deal with . 

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