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Haddon Lodge, Peterborough

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Went up here today for a look around, was very impressed with how friendly people were, especially the organisers of the shoot! very informal with no noticeable snobbery/wariness to an "unknown" walking around!


Had a quick go with a 20g (only 4 clays) and broke the first two of each pull. Happy with that for the first time I have ever fired a shotgun!


Booking some lessons with the coach of the ground before I commit to spending out!


Just thought I'd share my experience with anyone who'd listen






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Whereabouts have you moved to?

There are lots of good shoots in the Peterborough area, we are spoilt for choice;

Black Swan is cheap, £25 for a hundred practice round of well thought out clays

As SS says E of E is coming on nicely.

Orston presents good targets that will challenge most shooters.

Northampton offers registered targets that most will enjoy.

We love the woodland setting of Grimsthorpe for some wonderful practice targets.

Sporting Targets in Bedfordshire is at the top of its game.

Cambridge Shooting Ground has developed very well over the last few years.


I shot Haddon Lodge once years ago and was not impressed with the thoughtless target presentation, never bothered again and it is only a few miles from home.


If you want to meet up at a venue drop me a PM, we are out somewhere most weekends.

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