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20 gauge game cartridges

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I am switching to a lighter load this season so these are surplus to requirements. Darn good cartridges!

1 mixed slab of fiocchi gfl20 28g fibre wad.

225 are 6s

25 are 5s

£60 collected from Kettering with sgc

Grab a bargain £25 cheaper than just cartridges!

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7 hours ago, DUNKS said:

I could actually have beat him on this one. Saw the ad minutes after it was placed. BUT IV'E JUST SOLD MY 20!


2 minutes ago, Sprinter said:

You could've all beaten him if you'd have offered me £60 when I first listed them a fortnight back lol

Come on guys, I have started to let you win occasionally!:w00t:

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