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12 hours ago, WalkedUp said:

My dogs (and children) have been attacked by many different types of dogs over the years. Labs, GSDs, terriers, greyhounds, another Weimeraner, others I’ve lost track of. I was bitten by a border collie and attacked by a Doberman as a child too.

My dogs will fight once bitten/leaped upon or I give the command. The common factor in all instances is poor control from the other party. The greyhounds for example ran into the broadside of my old bitch as we were jogging at 90° to them and took a huge chunk out of her flank without me even realising she had been hit. I scolded her for breaking heel as she’d dropped back a couple of yards then I realised her side was completely open. I legged it back to catch the owners. A lovely professional couple. They were appalled and I was probably over aggressive but I took their details including home address and demanded they pay the vet bills and keep their dogs muzzled at all times. To be fair to them they did both, good sensible people. Those dogs were “rescue” greyhounds - fools who take in a dysfunctional dog and hope for the best are beyond me. Kindest thing for it is a bullet.

Nothing wrong with a rescue dog, as long as they're honest with what your getting and your sensible with any issues the dog has, I e had many rescue dogs, almost all take work but they're some of the best dogs I've ever had. I took on a gsd that was on death row, he probably ended up one of the most well trained dogs I've ever had. 

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The was a couple of huskies and one attacked my cousins dog she had a boxer numb but harmless anyway I went for a walk one day with her I had a lab and a bull x lurcher soft as you like but had an aggressive streak bumped into this bloke with the huskies off the lead I had put mine on started walking towards him told him to get his dog on under control the dog started coming for my dogs with its tail straight with aggressive manner told him to put the dog on a lead or I was going to let mine off he didn't so told my dog to go on he lunged for the huskies they ran off then he said he was getting the police as my dogs were out of control  clowns 🤡 

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