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Getting inked.

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51 years old and about to get my first tattoo. if its not too bad I might get two. I will confess this is my third attempt at getting one, Lose me bottle before I get in the car. But not this time. Saturday morning off to the tattooist to get my arm ruined for the rest of my life. 

Please feel free to talk me out of it, ie pain, infection etc etc..

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I remember when my ex got her first, a butterfly with 10 or so stars around it. No infection or anything but It was pretty hot in the studio and I think between the nerves and the heat she started to sweat fairly and nearly passed out, tattooist sent me to the corner shop for a mars bar and a can of coke for her 😂

My old man has he's nickname across the top of he's arm, it was done rather deep by a mate at about 14 or so with a gun that hand been borrowed from somewhere that done animal testing, it's still pretty dark and reasonably defined to this day and he's 51 himself this year.

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Always fancied one but never thought of anything I would actually want. My old man has some he did him self with a pin and ink when he was a kid: A barcode of 3 lines that get progressively better (that was his practice), 3 dots on his hand and a little cross. 

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Got my first after a long time thinking about it at around 40 , a Dragon on top of my left arm, then later had it incorporated into a full breast plate about 6-7 hours, then got a breast plate with Tigers on my right side 6-7 hours. Then got a Snake Right thigh from the top of my knee to my cute little **** cheek 10 hours +, then a Koi carp on the other leg same size same place about same time. To be honest the only place that i thought, tickled a bit was the middle of my breast bone right hand side only about an inch square.  Next will be a full back piece , and the size of my shoulders i've no doubt that will take a while and certainly tickle a bit.

But hey Gary, we all have different pain thresholds . Just remember, Pain don't hurt.

Good luck mate




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I have a fair few tattoos and liken The feeling to being scratched by a cat, nothing horrendous. I fell asleep during a piece on my back. The only one I have ever felt was a bit uncomfortable was a piece on my chest and it felt like my nipple was being ripped off with pliers (it lasted a couple of seconds)  🤣😂.

I think the best advice has already been given, don’t drink the night before (it thins your blood and makes the bleeding worse) have a decent breakfast and take a couple of chocolate bars/ sugary drinks with you as the proces of tattooing causes your blood sugar levels to drop. 

enjoy the process and look forward to the new artwork 👍🏻

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Just make sure its a design picture you want. Also take into consideration the ageing of it, if your having a lot of black, and down the arms or somewhere it rubs (when scabby) exposed to a lot of sun all the time, no doubt it will fade at some point. Get a touch up in a few years. 

Do not pick the scabs, you will lift it off. 

Dont use vasaline, use a shea butter, the misses will always have some on her shelf 👍

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There’s plenty of numbing creams out there ,put on an hour before coupled with a good tattooist it’ll be fine 

had my first one at 30 several more as the years passed must be due another one , be tactical of where you want it , mine are covered even with a tee shirt 👕 

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My advice is do it .

But remember if you hang 1 picture on a wall it grabs your attention .and makes you look and appreciate  it.

Hang  25 on the same wall and they all compete for attention and ultimately  blend into one.and hence fail to be interesting .

Less is defiantly more .don't go too complicated as it will fade and blend in time .med to large is good .a micro tat  just make you  look like a wimp.

Design your own and own the whole process.

And finally  decide on a design and then wait for at least 6 months  if you still want that design then fine do it .but if you have changed your mind 5 times its not the right one.


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