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Wondering how other people's chilli plants are doing.

Mine are very slow this year, only got small green fruits on some and flowers just appearing on the Carolina Reapers. 

Worst growing year I can remember, they just stunted and sat doing nothing for a couple of months after germination.

Be lucky if I get any to eat this season.

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Ours in the poly tunnel are doing really well. I starting feeding with tomato feed when the fruit formed. Biggest problem is that the most prolific plant is something called morwaga scorpion and is around a gazillion scoville units. So that’s only useful for spraying at the Jehovah’s witnesses.

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Afnoon all       My chillies are slow  they had a bad start  left them outside in April

slugs  took every thing but the stalk   Two of the plants are from last year

I dont know what variety they are  some seeds from chillies I bought at

an Asian super market   But by are they EVIL 

Good look with your crops



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