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Great mini sim day near Peterborough

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Last weekend we (myself and nine friends) had a game sharpener clays and sim days at Wittering Grange PE8 6NR, the site of the new Simpson Brothers shop. It was so good I felt the team deserved a bit of promotion here. 

Kevin and the team have a great format. We had 50 sporting clays followed by four flurries. I've been three times this summer and usually we have two pheasant flurries and four partridge/grouse. This time the wind was making the pheasant flurry a bit less than authentic, so we did four partridge flurries at increasing speed. Exactly what was needed for game sharpening. What impressed me most was that the sporting had been set up as I asked, the targets had all been changed and it was properly useful in preparing oneself for game shooting. I wish I wasn't so surprised at this, but I've been to so many places that don't respect me, women shooters or my requests. Having someone listen and actually produce something I was asking for and at a decent standard was brilliant. 

At £75 for 50 sporting and four flurries plus elevenses I've found this event to be great value. It's a great place to go when you want to shoot with a few friends for fun.  We had great times, and it's really pretty as well. Kevin Crighton-Clarke is available on 07730523235. You can choose morning or afternoon, and they can be a bit flexible with the squad numbers.  

Photos are of me smashing a few clays by the ford, and my sometimes loader 😄



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