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Market for used air rifles

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As a whole depends what your selling. If you've a mk5 meteor and think you'll get £100 for it then no, but a hw 35 wouldn't be on for more than 5 mins at that price. I always look for a bargain, and if its too much work to resell honestly, I break it up and sell on a auction site. Been doing it on and off for years, but i dont dabble in pcps as I haven't a clue on internals and won't lie in my listings like I've been stung. 

From what I've seen guns are selling, but it's a harsh reality that people maybe are now skint because of all this and are having to sell something they probably saved bloody hard for to pay a few bills. I watched in lock down some ridiculous bargains. 

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The people who bought during lockdown are now realising they have too many and bought out of boredom, so they're not looking to buy.

Others are having to sell to get money in these times. 

If it's a bargain or rare it will sell. 

The bouyoncy we seen beggining of lockdown has gone along with free ads where many were bought and sold.

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