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Have one on order so have been looking at ammo which has changed considerably since I last used the calibre. I think if I were a youngster I'd be looking at investing in one of these - something decent - as I'm getting a feeling in my water that they could well regain their popularity which means the price will move quickly north. I can't see the other makers sitting back and letting CCI get away with it without any competition. OK, the HMR still has the edge re wind and bullet path but that advantage will become eroded to an extent. As a starter, have a look at the CCI 35g Gamepoint. Down range this is knocking spots off the now defunct RWS 360 ft/lbs V0 offering.

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9 minutes ago, strimmer_13 said:

Cracking ain't they. Did you manage to source some locally? 

I would guess that there's little to no chance of the 35g at the moment and the nearest I can find for the 40g is Chippenham. I have found/bought a box of Accutip (old stock called V Max), RWS - dent in wallet -  and some Hornady to test along with a load of old Winchester for trigger time use. Your suggestion had none of the Gamepoint. Going to try Sportarm.

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1 hour ago, welshwarrior said:

Will everyone does us all a favour stop telling people about it if it gains mass popularity the prices will rise and Im looking for another right now. 

Well, pull your finger out. :yes:

If I'd have seen this before placing my order I'd have been sorely tempted.


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