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The problem with migrants.

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I've been sitting here in my car for over an hour over looking a lot of stubble around my home village. I do this regularly on the pretext that I am out walking the dogs.

Today is different from normal in that there are a lot of pigeons flitting between fields. They were not here last week nor the week before. My assumption is that they have arrived on the northerly and easterly winds from Scandinavia or at least northern England or Scotland. 

I know now not to get too excited as they will soon move on and there are pony paddocks all around. It is though great just to watch them.

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Am quite envious of anyone getting amongst them ( or ‘*** amang em!’ as they would say around here ) as am currently working from home. I really must stop watching Geoff Garrod on the tube as it just gives me the itch to get out, and there’s not a lot around here at the moment....a few stubbles admittedly, which some have turned over into winter barley already. Now all the harvest is in its very quiet. Have fun while you can. 👍

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with my experience on migrants ....you need to get on them whilst they are moving in...i usually had a 4-5 day window....they wouldnt decoy...but they followed a very predictible flightpath every day ...you could set your clock by them...........

then after the 4-5 day period they all seemed to spread out and dissapear

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