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First squirrel with new gun

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The only thing wrong about the S410 is..........er..............?????? Absolutely nothing TBH. Stupidly accurate, boringly reliable, a delight to use and very little depreciation if you buy wisely - wallow in self praise as idiots (count me among them) spend wedges of cash on far more expensive rifles that the S410 matches, if not beats, in 99...9% of real world situations.

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On 01/10/2020 at 17:19, Ferret664 said:

Another one bites the dust ! What a beautiful little gun it is . 20 yards right behind the eye . Flatterned it no problem.


Only a few million more to deal with now, seriously though excellent gun +shot 👍

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16 hours ago, Longbower said:

Congrats on new gun , an s410 is all you will ever need .   And on bagging the squirrels.🙂

A great gun but I doubt that there are many dud PCPs from the established makers. They are all very good and then it comes down to personal preference. On a personal note, my go to gun is a Daystate Huntsman. There's just something about it for me. Having said that, there are 100s of pigeons and squirrels that don't like it. A good scope is the icing on the cake.

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