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22 hours ago, stuartyboy said:

I bought the Hades pellets to try out on my S410. The pellet obviously doesn’t deform on a sub 12 ft ib air rifle. However, accuracy matches the AA Field at 40 yards and less in my air rifle and the muzzle energy went from 10.3 ft ib to just over 11 with the Hades compared to the AA Fields. 

This doesn’t sound much of an increase but it gives me confidence for the following reason. I control squirrels in a garden at a range of 16 yards. At this range I am 99% sure of exact pellet placement. Most of the time the squirrels drop, kick a few times then are dead. I don’t want any runners making it to neighbouring gardens. The last time I used a different pellet from Hades, I shot a squirrel and it dropped. I was sure the pellet placement was spot on so I left it where it lay, hidden from sight behind a bush. I went to pick it up at the end of the session and it ran off. It was hit between eye and ear, side on. A perfect shot but although it was badly wounded, somehow it made its way away into a neighbours garden. I could clearly see where the pellet had hit and it should have been stone dead. This troubled me as I felt bad for wounding it and concerned the neighbours would find an injured squirrel and the possible implications from that.

For this reason I experimented with a lot of different pellets through the chronograph and on paper, and I tried the Hades and found it to hit harder and put things down cleaner with less kicking.

Cats are responsible for making a mess of wildlife and especially squirrels. I use a tame fox as a "retriever" and it does a cracking job. I haven't managed to train it to bring squirrels back to me as it seems quite partial to the rodents. 

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