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My American friend has asked me to recommend a half decent air rifle for him to get for $200!

I wouldn’t have a clue what’s available at what price over there so I had a quick google. Cabelas had a fun looking twin co2 capsule powered .177 bb assault rifle! Looked great fun and the chipmunks would be riddled. 

But anything more practical is a break barrel under $200.

Ive told him to double his budget and get a cheap pcp.

I couldn’t see any under levers...

Does anyone live in America, or have good knowledge of their airguns and could recommend something? He’s in Boston if it helps.



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Benjamin maurader but it's going to be double your friends budget, then he's going to have someways of charging it. Unless he's going to be using it in a sub division or city limits a 22 rimfire might be a better idea 

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I live in America,  no clue about air rifles.  22lr is about the same price as pellets so I go that route. 

Tell him to get a 22lr and super Colbres.  (22 with out a powder charge).  Or a can and subsonic ammo. 

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 I do like the pump ups, there seems to be quite a tradition for them in America, like the 2200 magnum by Crossman, Benjamin392  etc, there much like a pcp with a pump built in and can give fairly good power depending on pump, chamber volume etc energy's around 15-18fpds they will be much nicer than a spring gun at the same power plus its a work out per shot 😁


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