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Yesterday afternoon I found myself in the company of JDog once again.

We loaded all the kit into the car and off we went to a spot the Wolds Whisperer had scouted out. We sat in a field across from where we were going to shoot watching the birds following the hedge line. 

The plan was to set up a hide in a gap in the hedge with our backs to where the birds were coming from decoys and a rotary either side to hopefully turn them as they came over head. 

We got set up and the birds started coming from the opposite direction that we expected but they were coming steadily and decoying well.

Some of these birds were magicians because they somehow ended up sat within the pattern without either of us seeing them drop in. They either dropped in from over head and we didn’t notice or they were coming low down the hedge line.

Some cracking shooting by JDog as usual and some not so good shooting from me missing some absolute doddlers. My list of reasons (excuses) were sun in my eyes for one, then it was too cloudy, uneven ground and finally running out of excuses settled on the air pressure wasn’t working well with my cartridge choice. Eventually the air pressure must of changed and things started to improve.

All in all a good day out with good company.

Picked 35. Should of had more.

No better way to spend a Monday afternoon.


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Yes we had some sport.

I put patterns out either side of the hedge whilst JT91 built a hide that Edward 1 Hammer of the Scots would have been proud of whilst defending Berwick upon Tweed.

I am beginning to see some humour emanating from yesterday's companion. His list of excuses was even longer yesterday. 


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Nice report and i think I might use some of those excuses next time I’m out with Jdog ( as I type 50 to 100 geese have just flown over my garden from the fields back to the lake) but I’ll use the one that goes “not my gun “ as I am going to trying one of Jdogs  as it felt comfortable when mounted 

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