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That's a shock, and sorry to hear. I know what Mungler means, Hamster wasn't afraid to post his point of view in an articulate way. I had a lot of time for his opinion, even if it let to a few scraps with others on the site, as it was always well considered. Clearly a very accomplished shot as well, and always came across as a nice guy.

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Like Mungler and others, I had a lot of time for Hamster. He had very strong views on the Middle East and the Twin Towers. Although I didn't agree with him, he put a lot of thought into his contributions.

Never actually met him, but saw his family photos on Facebook. A good family man, very good clay shot and all round decent bloke. Condolences to his family and friends.

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I will miss him very much both on the forums and in life.   Always a gentleman, happy to stop for a chat when we saw him on shoots.  His wife is obviously devastated, she described him as her life and I reached out to her yesterday so that she could know just how much many of us enjoyed his company both virtual and in real life. RIP dear Hammie.

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Sad news, I was aware that Hamid was seriously ill, and I had given him my best wishes some time ago, but this is still a great shock.

He was a very talented clay shooter, and both a prolific and entertaining contributor to Facebook and a number of Shooting Forums.

He will be genuinely missed by many shooters in the South East and beyond.

Sincere condolences to his family and friends.


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My condolences to his family and friends, enjoyed his posts and his love of the Beretta 682 Gold E. As others have said his views may have differed but what he wrote was very well put together and provoked thought.

Sadly being so far north never got to shoot with him, even when we had attended the same shoot it was different times. 

Had no idea he was poorly, reading the posts nor did most of us. Very nice write up by Hamid on his hospice and how it helped him.

RIP Hamster

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