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Got loads of these lovely little mushrooms growing on a load of chipped Beech, i cant seem to find out what they are. And i thought the PW gang would know. 



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20201011_103311 (1).jpg

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forgot image
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I’ve had a load of Liberty caps come up on the lawn this week, the wife mowed them out so I reminded her she has technically broken the law by harvesting them albeit to the compost bin

we also gets lots of ink caps and an unidentifiable bracket type of the birch stumps

never brave enough to munch wild mushrooms too many experts die for my liking



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I used to photograph a lot of wild fungi then spend time trying to identify them using reference books and the internet.

It takes ages because there are so many varieties.

I found Birch Boletus an easy one to identify, but just because it is edible it doesnt mean it's tasty!

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