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Labrador Hip and Elbow Score

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Evening all,


What are people’s thoughts on the right age to hip and elbow score a lab?

Ive always gone with 15 months as that was what my vets suggested. 
On the bva site it says any age from a year old. 

Ive seen stud dogs tested at a year old and some 2,3, or 4 years old. 




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I used to wait until I knew whether I wanted to keep / breed from a dog, I've done them as old as 4. After getting caught out with one not having good enough scores that I an willing to breed from & in the mean time selling one which I'd have kept if I'd know, I now test at 12 months.

I've never bought into the wear & tear bit. If they're good 1, they'll be good at 3,4 or whatever. 

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