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I’ve had him four weeks now he was 17weeks old when I got him. I lost my last dog 7 years ago to old age and never felt ready for another dog I was hart Brocken when he died and with my son been born not long after we just had too much going on. Bailey has been great settled in well he comes to work with me every day no problems it’s my first Labrador and taken well to basic whistle commands so far am really surprised how fast they pick it up he’s 21 weeks old now he likes to mouth hands he’s gradually doing it less. Introduced him at distance to guns going off never phased him 



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7 hours ago, moondoggy said:

He is beautiful.

I love labs, lost my boy 1.5 years ago and miss him desperately.

Sorry to hear that ☹️ When I lost my last dog a just had to keep telling myself he had a good life some poor dogs don’t get that 

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