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Adjustable rubber bonnet stoppers

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I lost or its rotted off one of the rubber bonnet stoppers off my nissan pathfinder  the bonnet wobbles on that side when your on the motorway  but the garage said it will be fine as the catch if fine ? 

Ive been looking on ebay to replace it but i cant find any would anybody in the know , Know if a navara one would work as  im thinking the pathfinder is the predecessor of the navara ?

The trucks 13 years old now so any ideas where i could get one ?

Theres 2 navaras in the local scrapyard i would just go a take two off of them if they fit 

Im sure they got a load of pathfinders and navaras in the back of the yard but there all fenced off and wont let anybody near them 

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Cheers i went to a local breakers and took 3 off Navaras after teasing a long one out with screwdrivers i found the bloody things unscrew i replaced it then found out i needed the really long one from a early Navara 

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Have you searched the engine bay with a torch in the vicinity of where it should be? I had this exact problem on my ford Kuga (including the annoying bonnet wobble) and when changing the air filter I found the stopper lodged down the side of the filter housing......might be worth a poke about just in case 👍🏻

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