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So I got up this morning at 6 am  to try and get into the hedge hide before the crows got up  at first light. 

I made it in but hadn't got the deeks out yet before the freshly sowed wheat field was a swarm with crows  .

I resorted to lobbing some out as far as I could and loaded the semi auto .2 crows fell at the first wave as they came over so confidently .

I set these 2 up and 12 plastic decoys .just in time before the second wave of birds .

Talk about being in the right place at the right time .it was hectic  for the first 30 mins and I'd had 20 by 8am .it slowed up at about 9 am .but I had a steady trickle till about 10.30 when I run out of cartridges (been a long time since that has happened  ) 75 shots for 47 crows and jds  .

20b  mainly shot with 7.5 and 6 s 

I was trying some 24 grm no7.5 s and if the bird was in range it was just as dead as with any other cart  .



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Great work! 
I think you’ve found a good cartridge there. I also use 24 gram size 7 1/2 (12b). They really kill very cleanly inside about 30 yards. Low recoiling too - sweet to use. I have a choked barrel with 30 gram size 6 for the longer ranges. Nearly all my crows are shot inside the deac’ pattern with the lighter cart’s though. 

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Thanks .I went with only crows In mind .I had some pigeon decoys(that I didn't put out )  and there were plenty about .but I declined shooting them even some close and easy shots I really wanted to hit the crows hard .

With the 24 grm 7.5  carts I found that range was limited to around 35 yds which is fine by me .the usual 32 grm no6 I feel maxes out at 40 - 45 yds 

And I got those 7.5 really cheap .at £67 a slab,  which for a 20b is excellent  

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