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A strong wind flight line.


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Over the last few weeks my decoying skills have gone to pot, so much so that I joked after a day out on Saturday that I had maintained my decoying average of 3 pigeons on Saturday expeditions.

Today dawned breezy and overcast and that was maintained until I had scoffed my lunch so I decided to head out with minimal kit. The drive was all of one mile from home and all I took was a net, secateurs gun and cartridges, plus Barney of course. The wind was probably 25 mph.

Pigeons were feeding on a field of newly sown wheat but that was right on the edge of the village which put it out of bounds so the line I chose was between that field and their resting wood almost a mile away. Pigeons going out to feed were too high to shoot but those returning were just about in range and I shot and picked 13 pigeons in two hours.

The Elder bush on the sky line was 50 m from my position and I managed to shoot some either over it of even slightly beyond it.


Flight lining 1.jpg

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