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I bought some " shooters choice " barrel cleaner some years back when I started with rimfires and centrefires. Went to use it last night ( after a while sitting on a shelf ), I can't remember what it looked like before but it didn't look right.

Do these products go off ? Do they have a use by date ? Couldn't see anything on the bottle.

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1 hour ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

So how often do you clean your guns?

I know some smallbore target shooters who will clean their barrels no more than once a year. Only other time they will clean is if they change ammunition or if they get a squib round.

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Can anyone suggest a suitable product that would be used not that often, and be ok to use after sitting on the shelf.

They are cleaned as I feel the need to, not used often. I am cleaning all of my rifles now so I can have a re- zero.

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