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7 minutes ago, Taileron said:

I had my 32” 525 “fitted” at on rather posh and expensive RFD, couldn’t hit a barn door with it. I then changed my gun multiple times until I ended up with an MK38, 32” with a trap fore-end, which I can hit a barn door with. Many people have said the exact same thing to me, a 525 is essentially a MK38 (or vice versa) so much so that I started to believe them and had another go with a mates 525. Blanked two stands at millride, couldn’t even hit the “training birds” with it. My other pal then bought his 30 year old MK 70 out and I had a go with that, i now own one of those, neither has been fitted but I shoot better than I ever have. I only wish I had spent the money on a proper fitting session from a fitter, not an RFD as I must have blown 10 times the cost on PX of guns to luck into finding two that actually fit out of the box. 

Yeah, I think most of us can recognise that pattern, I certainly can.
It took me a long time ( and a lot of money ) to find the type of gun I shoot best with. 

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Midland Gun Services. https://www.midlandsgunservices.com/ Get them to do a fitting and measure up to see how good a fit your current stock is, and get a price for in-letting your current stock so it fits YOU.

It wont be worth going for one of their custom stocks as it would cost more than the gun is worth.

Look at https://www.shootingschool.co.uk/gun-fitting.html  gun fitting with them is £135 plus you would need 2 x one hour sessions on the clay's before and after to make sure it fits

I wonder if you have ever had a lesson with a highly qualified coach? as they would soon pick up on your mount and gun fit. THE TOP coaches charge the same hourly rate as  others that are qualified by the fact they have a shotgun certificate !!!!! so choose very carefully.Top coaches normally shoot in class AA and will have a collection of silver ware.

I fitted my grandsons gun to him and I thought I had it pretty spot on for fit and balance, but I took him to get fitted properly with Ben Husthwaite  and he raised the rear of the adjustable  comb by 3 mm to get it perfect.

On a side note I went into a large gun shop last week and handled 8 x DT10's and 2 x DT11's and out of all the guns only one fitted me properly and that was the cheapest one out of the lot.

So you may set your heart on a make and model of gun; but off the shelf it may never fit you correctly, and unfortunately SOME retailers don't give a sh-t and just want a sale and they know that you'll be back in after 6 months to PX it because it doesn't fit. WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE WHEN WE STARTED OUT.I NEVER HAD THE LUXURY OF A GUN FIT 50 YEARS AGO. WHY DO YOU THINK THERE IS 15980 SHOT GUNS FOR SALE ON GUN TRADER AND THAT'S ONLY HALF OF THEM 

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On 30/10/2020 at 09:55, enfieldspares said:

Don't waste your money at West London. If you want a fitting in the London area use Holland's at Northolt. 

I just put them as an example of costs as they list them, and not as a personal recommendation.

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Hi all. Sorry it’s been a while since iv been on. I’d like to go through and answer you all but it would take to long. 
so thanks for everyone’s input. Iv been shooting for over 5 years and pretty much always shot Mirokus. And as a rule they have all fitted ok. One or two have been a tad low in the comb so iv either got rid or had an adjustable comb fitted. The gun has a very slight cast on it. I’m right handed and shoot gun down and I’d like to say I have a good mount. This gun just didn’t seem right for some reason. I’m having a 12mm spacer fitted to make it 14 3/4” LOP. And as for the bead problem if I trust it over a bit to the left in my ready position then I end up with a good straight mount. But I still want it looking at. So once out of lockdown I’m going to go to the above mentioned Brian Webster. Again. Many thanks to you all. 


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