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Cens DX 5 Vs Vario Revolution 6 —- which to buy ?

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would anyone be able to give me some input Into these ear plugs, honest opinions on both brands please.

having a hard time trying to decide which to pick and spend my money on, large investment and trying to make the right choice.

I am just looking for best on the market.

clay shooter mainly, want the extra setting just in case I need them at some point. 

any input on both brands would be fantastic help.


thanks in advance

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To be honest I wouldn’t make the investment for clayshooting.

The big win with this style of plug is comfort combined with the ability to hear/enhance normal sound. This is great for game shooting when the whirr of wings can give you an extra second.

Personally when I’m clay shooting I don’t want to hear any background noise so I wear passive plugs + cans over the top.

I can see they’d be great for a coach.

If you do go for Cens, the basic model has everything you really need ... other features just bump the price up.

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Also look at custom fit guards, they will come to your house and have 15% off at the moment. I am having mine done Sunday, they have good reviews from motorcycle vloggers unfortunately not to many shooters, check out the reviews for cens as some have had bad customer service. I'm getting the basic digital as the top models seem to give you just more programs, lloyd Paterson on YouTube has reviewed cens and bought the basic digital 

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Thanks for the reply’s so far.

so when I am clay shooting I like to be able to hear like normal as if I am not wearing any hearing protection, currently use my 3M Peltor SportTac volume turned up. They just get in my way and annoy me wearing for prolonged periods of time.

I was going to go for the Cens but as everyone says if you have issues there customer service is rubbish. Also fact heard the new Vario units have a much better audio sound quality and I am very much trying to match audio to feel like I am not wearing anything. 

anyone uses the varios ?

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had my cens 5-6 years, one stopped working a couple of years ago, it got drowned when a tin of coke fell over, a couple of weeks ago sent it back to cens, received a phone call from them in less than a week, it was beyond repair which I kind of knew anyway, to replace just the one was expensive, but they are so good I bought a pair of the new push button ones, got them within three days,

also found out they do a service for a nominal sum so will be having that in the future

from my standpoint cannot fault their customer service

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With my Cens in I can have a normal conversation and don't remove them between drives or stands. If I am in the woods shooting a couple of pigeon I can still hear the birds tweeting etc.  

I was let down by Cens customer service when mine were sent back with a fault. Told 5-7 days turn around which is great. Unfortunately it took well over 4 weeks. Emails and Phone calls not returned, delivery dates missed, never the right person available to speak to etc. and at that time a complete disregard of customer service. In the end I refused to speak to anyone apart from a manager and not wait for a call back, I insisted on holding. I then had them back within 5 days.

Fingers crossed they have improved since last year.

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so I emailed both Cens and Vario for information and some qustions.

Had a phone call today (Saturday) couple hours after sending email from Jason Gibson himself, saying he had seen my email and thought calling me would be better then trying to type a lengthy reply and had a good 15-20min chat about all my concern and what I am looking for and so on. 

He answered every single question I had, and Vario offer a 90day full refund if your not happy for any reason.

So I am going to go for the clay shooting version most likely so the Vario Clay version.

Will do post on my thoughts when all arrive and so on, need my ear moulds done with there free voucher they give part of price first so guest depending on how quick I get that done before I get a set.

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I prefer passives for clay shooting, I wear some Howard Leight slimline over ears with volume turned up for game shooting. I find the over ears a bit better with wind noise and keep your ears warm mid winter on the peg when it's freezing.

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