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BSA XL Tactical.

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Don't post much in here but have just got my above air rifle back after my brother in law asked to borrow it to clear out some rats at a farm he rents a unit on. 

Not best pleased as when he gave it back it was cocked, no pellet in it. He couldn't tell me how long it was like it for as he finished using the gun Tuesday. I can only assume its been cocked for at least 3 days. 

I'm no expert but I would imagine the spring will have lost a considerable amount of power. I put a pellet in it and fired into a bit of wood, the pellet dug in a good way, but my question is has the life of the spring been considerably reduced being compressed for such a long period. I don't have a chrono, but know it used to spit out a pettet at around 11.5ftilb. 

I told my BIL to go before I beat him to a pulp.

What is the prognosis for my gun? Get a new spring fitted or hope its ok, 

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1 minute ago, Stonepark said:

Should be ok, spring loss (unless a poor spring) would need weeks, not days to cause any noticeable power loss.

Thanks for that, The gun is only about 6 months old and since I gave up my SGC  I wouldn't be happy if I couldn't get out and about with a gun.

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So ive read a few very good experiments on this by Jim Tyler (if you don't know who he is  , basically he  is THE GOD  when it comes to spring guns he knows everything its possible to know ) and a new spring put into a gun will loose most of the "power " its ever going to loose over the first few compressions .its the compression and very fast release that makes a spring shorten and loose "power " .

The static compression of a spring doesn't do much long term damage at all .

Jim tested this by first leaving a gun cocked for a day .then week ,then month and finally 6 months, he didn't go any further than 6 months as there was no difference to leaving it for 1 week .ie very little at all .

Up shot is .don't worry about it .give it a few good shots to check zero and move the grease about and it will be fine .  

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