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Upgrade on a baked apple.

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We have a huge harvest of Bramleys this year and I suggested to my wife  we bake a couple. Now usually we just core them fill with sultanas and a few chopped walnuts, cut the skin around the curcumferance and bake.  We had a pack of the Jus Roll flaky pastry in the freezer and I suggested I decore and slice the apple on the little slicer/corer we have, brilliant bit of kit.  Then carefully lift the apple onto the pastry, fillwith sultanas, nuts and a spoonfull of honey, then wrap the pastry up and around the apple, roll in some brown sugar and bake as normal. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the result.  The result was brilliant.  The honey oozed into the apple slices and the brown sugar caramalised on the outside of the flaky pastry.  Going to do it all again and will take photos.   If you do not have one of those corer/slicing units then go buy one. Brilliant bit of kit and not expensive. I think I got ours from Lakeland for about £15. It will also peel pears and you can drop the corer/slicer to do this.


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The pears have been fantastic this year.  There was sufficient in a Jus Roll sheet of pastry to do two large apples.  Forgot to mention a sprinkle of Cinnamon on the apple before wrapping the pastry.


For thosr who have not seen one of these peelers here's a photo.  I mounted it on the base which makes it much easier to use.


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