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22 fac air which rifle

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8 minutes ago, villaman said:

Yep , accuracy is up most , but using slugs is a total game changer at distance of 100+ yards , even in wind 

Yep I like slugs other than they seemed a little loose in the mag, but not anywhere near that far.

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I have an FX Verminator in 22 FAC, very nice gun, not hugely powerful but I get 100 shots per fill. I use it to fill the gap between sub 12 and rimfire 50 - 60 metres, but that said I still think the rimfire is less fuss. Just a pocket with a couple of dozen rounds and you are good to go.

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The cocking action both (510) are beautiful as I had a AirArms 410 with the pull bolt at the rear and complete rubbish it’s so smooth to cock it and like I said pellet on pellet even my fac 

I’ll try a upload some pictures 

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I have a Dreamline walnut in .22 it is a superb rifle

3 power settings 11 20 and 30ft lb

The FX slugs are superb accurate and hard hitting - not cheap but worth it on vermin 

Lightweight rifle quite compact reminds me of my Sharp Innova a bit back in the 80's

If I had a choice of any rifle again I would choose the dreamline .

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