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Some clarification.

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So I decided to make use of the basc subs and emailed their firearms team this morning b4 I went to work.

"Hi people.
I have a query and I thought you may be able to help.
I own amongst other guns an Artimis PP700 Air pistol that was bought in the uk and as such conforms to the current sub 6ftlbs air pistol limit. I also belong to a Facebook group for these guns and some of the other members "upgrade" their pistols by swapping the barrel for one longer than 300mm and adding a fixed shoulder stock to make the gun longer than 600mm fixed overall and upping the power to the sub 12ftlbs air rifle limit for non licensed guns.
My worry (and I'm keen to protect my sgc) is that the serial number on the gun will class it as a pistol and thats how the police/ courts would view it if the worst should ever happen.
Just to muddy the waters the CP2 air pistol is available new with a longer barrel and a shoulder stock to convert the pistol to a rifle but the long barrel can be used without the stock giving a pistol of around 9ftlbs.
Any clarity you can add would be greatly appreciated.

Reply by mid morning, suitably impressed.

"Dear Mr Manthing, the serial number is not something that is used to prosecute a person.

Forensics will classify the gun from its dimensions and muzzle energy plus sometimes whether its smoothbore or rifled.

If a stock is fitted with a degree of permanency and barrel lengthened etc it can be considered a carbine and its energy increased.

The word pistol is important as its what is used in the law on 6 ft lbs. So the item your describe needs to cease to be a pistol i.e. it can be fired from three points of contact, the shoulder being the additional one.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes"

Hope this us helpful to some.


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Very interesting .

I wonder if basc would fight your corner against  a prosecuting police force ? 

I've personally avoided both these guns for the reasons you have stated above .there are plenty of other short guns that are air rifles to start with and can be shortened to within the legal  limits if needed .its a better and safer tuning route to go down if an ultra compact 12 fpe gun is what you want .

This is 700 mm long and gives 65 .shots 


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