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Dangerous pipes need fencing off dogs petition

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Another dog got sucked into the pipes yesterday evening.

A friend of my Daughter lost his dog there a few years ago. Its body was found a few days later. 😢

Please sign. Next time it could be a child.

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Statement today from the owner:


First of all I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone. We are overwhelmed by the support we have received from everyone. 

Update: we now strongly think that Bruce didn't make it out the other side and sadly got stuck underwater. We tried a few different test to see if anything would pass through and nothing did. 
We were back there this morning and met 2 workers who had been contracted in from #Nationalrail. They were on the other side clearing debris out of the water and cutting down the over hanging branches. They said that they had informed higher up that the correct fencing needs fitting on the path side straight away because of how dangerous the current is in the river. So fingers crossed this happens today. 

The fireman, national water and a drainage worker have all said the same thing about the area. They can't believe how unsafe it is without the correct fencing. A small child could lean over the rain and fall in very easily. The current of the river even though it doesn't look strong, would be capable of pulling a grown adult underwater and into the pipes. 

We will keep pushing to make sure the correct fencing is installed and signs are put up to inform people of the danger. If one good thing can come from this is that it will be never happen again.


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4 minutes ago, Pistol p said:

Is it not worth keeping your dog on lead in a known dangerous area? Just saying.

Trouble is not everyone knows about it. I have lived here since 2001 and hadn't heard about the pipes until my Daughters friends dog died there a couple of years back.

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