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Pirelli scorpion verde all season - I’ve had them on my awd kuga from 6 months after purchase and never had a problem, never got stuck, driven in all weathers including snow through floods etc and wouldn’t hesitate in buying them again. Havent noticed any reduction in fuel economy or comfort of drive. Take a look at the independent reviews online. I’d say they are a true well worth considering 👍🏻

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14 minutes ago, AVB said:

I had a slow puncture in one of my rears this morning. Found a screw embedded very close to the sidewall so unrepairable. £285 for a new one. Won’t be in until Friday. Grrr 

Blimey, £285 for one tyre, what are they?

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just an update for anyone looking for all season tyres. I eventually went for 4 of the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO, I have had them on the vehicle now (4x4) for about two months and must say they are one of the best tyres I have had fitted to a car, the cheapest price I could find was from Asda tyres, 215/60 r17 at £119 fully fitted.

so far they have preformed well in dry and wet conditions, cornering was like being on rails in wet conditions and with the recent snow/ice I was amazed at just how good they preformed, pulling well up some very step hills without any slipping, braking was just as good in wet slush and fresh snow, have also taken them across a very wet grass field where they also preform well, the car seems to drive more precise and they are quieter than the old Bridgestone summer tyres at motorway speeds, very happy with my purchase, a bit early to know what wear will be like.

If you are looking for an all season tyre you wont be disappointed with these tyres.

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Certainly been a good winter to have them on up to now.The Lassa Snoways have performed impeccably through it all ,very impressed by them,especially so the grip when slowing on snow & solid ice.They never cease to amaze !!!!!

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