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US Election Results!

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I'm very pleased that this mentally ill narcissist sociopath will no longer be involved on the world stage. Having spent a fair amount of time in the states during his tenure ive seen how he polarises US society. Its a ringing indictment of the man that he has lost to the least impressive democratic candidate in living history... good riddance.

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13 hours ago, Lloyd90 said:

On the one hand you have to think that tampering with such a monumental event in such an enormous nation would be totally impossible.  


On the other hand, surely if someone was able to pull off such an amazingly impossible heist, they wouldn’t leave buckets full of evidence of them doing it 🤣🤣 if they were capable of pulling it off, they’d be capable of covering it up. 


One thing is for certain, there is a LOT of money and powerful players behind the scenes in every nation. Are they big enough to pull of something like this? Or is it all just sore losers? 




You would if they were as arrogant as some of those Democrat representatives I see. Some of these people get to the stage they belive they are untouchable.  As used to be said, it will all come out in the wash.

By the way where is Hunter ?   Been keeping his head down in the last few weeks hasn't he?

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Can't say I'm much bothered either way. One annoying aspect of the elections is the first night all other news got shelved in favour of every TV news station waffling about the first few states results which meant diddly squat.

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23 minutes ago, Capt Christopher Jones said:

An ill-educated moron, (imho that is) 😁

An ill educated BILLIONAIRE  moron don't forget.

As the saying goes.... it ain't over till the fat lady sings ..... I think there is still a lot of information to come out yet.

Where is Hunter ...Ahhhhh!!!   On a flight to China no doubt now that The Big Man looks likely to be resident in the Whitehouse.  More deals to be done.

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