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Booked my invincible in for an oil change at Eden Tyres last Thursday for 08.30 this morning, arrived at just before 08.30 went into reception all PPE'd up and i was asked if there was anything else that needed looking at, any problems at all. 

No thanks just the oil change ! 

Had a call 1.5 hrs later with some advisories, and asking if i wanted them doing, 

Air con was not working ?

Brake fluid needed changing

Fuel filter needed changing too. 


No thank you just the OIL CHANGE ! 


Funny they missed the low tyre pressure front offside. 


How can they tell if the Air con was working at just 5c it aint going to get any colder and checking and pump when i got home all seemed OK, and put it on later in the morning there's naff all wrong with it. 

Just like QuickFit pushing sales,. 


You dont get that from Tesco's do you 


"good afternoon sir, you want some butter with that loaf, Ooo i see your shoes need polishing and some shoe polish just over there sir 2nd shelf down sir"


EDEN Tyres youve lost a customer. well done. 


I hate pushy sales people :mad:

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The brake fluid change is a classic rip off/con trick, thats if they even do it, most owners would never know

if you watch any of these "ten top service centre rip offs" on youtube its always there

fuel filter is another 

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