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Will someone bring back my pigeons !!

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In the last 3 weeks I have only been out 3 times as work and family are taking up time, but today , a nice bright sunny November day I headed out to one of my favourite spots, most days there are a few hundred birds around with plenty of crows to fill the quiet times.

Today was very different, I put up around 30 pigeons off some very patchy rape, set up with around 25 dead bird decoys and a couple of floaters, in 4-1/2  hours from 11.00 until 3.30 I only saw around 30 birds in the air, not a single one decoyed in, but I managed to get 3 high overhead passing birds plus one very old carrion crow who seemed to be struggling just to stay in the air.

These fields are a popular feeding area for pinks, crows and pigeons, the crows were around but staying well away, I did have a large skean of around 200 pinks come over around 2.30 but staying very high and heading south, its a popular area for the wild fowlers but no one around today, 

The only other person who turned up was the local law enforcement, I think he was just skiving off as he sat in his car for around 40 minutes then left.(the area is quite remote and out of the public's gaze).

So a very pleasant day in the autumn sunshine, just a bit too quiet for me but a nice outing just the same.

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Hi Alan      Normally for me at this time of the year I put Pigeon shooting on the back burner , but this year is far from normal with all the November shoots cancelled , so for the last three days I have been looking over some of the grounds where I used to do a lot of Pigeon shooting and to be honest I saw very little , yesterday I walked all the way around B / L from the concrete pad and weather it was the same police van or not but there was someone there for a good hour or so , plenty of rape along the main track but no signs of pigeons, and even more rape on the ones 6 / 7 miles up the road where the Peas were in the Summer , if anything , to much rape and not enough Pigeons , GOOD LUCK in finding a few .

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