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Got the B14 hunter in .243 and I can’t fault it, abused it for 3 seasons as a stalker in Scotland, used on everything from stoats to stage, out shot full custom Callum Ferguson rifles at informal competition and much nicer build than both the tikka and Remington it replaced. 

I still have it now and use it mainly as a long range vermin rifle, with some load development and practice I’ve taken crows at 700+ with it. 

Definitely one of the best rifles I’ve ever owned and one of the only rifles I’ve not heard many bad reviews of from people who’ve tried them. 

My next rifle will also be a b14 but the HMR. 

The only negative I can give it is the factory fore end could be a tiny bit stiffer but it’s actually been an issue in use and I shoot in all sorts of weird and wonderful positions haha

On 11/11/2020 at 20:27, button said:

Looking at buying the above, either  270 0r 308

Anyone got one? If so would be great to hear your thoughts and opinions



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