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Hi folks 

My 14 years ago cocker has been diagnosed with kidney disease and the vet has recommended a few types of kidney friendly dog food.

He is still full of life- and we have been told by the vet that 8- 12 months is possible with a change onto a kidney friendly dog food.

Has anyone experienced this problem with their dog and which food did you choose ?

Any help is appreciated 




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I've had a couple of dogs with renal insufficiency in the past. The first was a Basset Hound that was a dustbin when it came to food but he wouldn't touch the specialist renal food whatsoever, dry or wet/tinned. I had a very similar reaction with my old Lab girl until I tried the Purina NF Renal Function Mousse (tinned). She found that palatable where the other stuff wasn't. She ate that for about 18 months then overnight decided that was it and refused it. I'm not sure any of the specialist renal foods are that attractive. Probably best to try him on one brand and if he doesn't like it try another and so on. You may find one he likes. Just for the record my Lab is approaching 14 years old and still here 3 years after the diagnosis. As far as I'm concerned she can have whatever she wants to eat from now on.

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I'm no expert but I would suggest anything that is a good known brand (Akela is very good but not cheap) and add such things as Cauliflower, Red Peppers and Apple pieces (never the whole Apple) - drop them in a food processer and shred to small chunks - you could do a batch and freeze the portions in bags) might also be worth asking if you should limit his water intake. If you ever get stuck with a Dog refusing food I've found Freshpet (in the fridge at Tesco) is about as reliable as it gets.

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