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Looking to get crono for checking my air rifles after fitting tuning kits plus keep a check any info looking at acetech ac5000 any goods or bads on this crono ,looking at that price range any info much appreciated

Thanks all

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2 hours ago, figgy said:

What's your budget? 

Cheap Chinese ones of the bay £20.00 work ok

Good one FX radar chrono £150.00.

Thanks for replying so you have one yourself you would suggest FX is a bit much but don't want to have to buy 2 .I have looked at cheap ones but don't know if they just are for bb or air soft as scarecrow mentioned ,Any suggested make, brand, what would do job ? I thought that the acetech 5000 was capable but don't know how? Thanks for any help all.

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Found these work well enough. Give the same figures as Combro, Skan, and FX in my experience. Build quality leaves a lot to be desired, but if you manage to shoot it up, as many do with their chronos, then at 27 quid you won’t be sobbing in your beer 


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Lmbr 2 gets good reviews so does the air chrony.


I have a cheap Chinese one and a F1 chrony. The cheapo Chinese one only reads in meters per second, bit of a faff to convert to FPS but can't complain for the pricae as it stores the last 30 or 40 readings and attaches to the barrel.

The FX one only reads upto 1300 FPS, I test loads faster than that so haven't bought one yet. I will if they update it to read fater speeds.

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