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Affinity or SX4?

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2 hours ago, Realale said:

Never had an inertia gun before, how fussy  are they? 

I can’t comment on other models, I followed the instructions and “ran in” my Affinity with some heavy loads (32g min) and it cycles most. I tried to get it to fail by deliberately mixing loads, 21g is the lower limit. It likes 70mm shells and I mostly shoot lyevale power red/blue.

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I have shot SX3, SX4 and have an Affinity.  The SX's are very similar to shoot and I would have either one any day as well as the Affinity.

The SX's to me seem to have a lighter swing, more like a wand, the Affinity has a slightly front end feel the steadies your swing and tracks longer targets better.

I have shot them all at skeet and they all perform very well, but i feel you have to work a tad harder on the swing with the SX's.

The Affinity stays very clean and really only needs to have the barrel pulled though even after 100+ cartridges. I only strip clean it occasionally or if it gets wet.

Personally I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, hopefully you can shoot them to get you personal preference.


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4 hours ago, billytheghillie said:

+1 :good: and with a 7 year warranty, not that you will need it, its a no brainer.

Unfortunately some do and have gone wrong, lots had a fault that will have been rectified. Two friends both had same faults on their guns, new improved parts and all's well.

This was couple of years ago so any more recent guns should be fine.

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