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starting quad bike


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How old is the quad and battery?

Solenoid could be worn, or starter motor brushes. I’ve had both of these on different motorbikes.

solenoid was about £15 and 10 mins to swap over, brushes were similar cost but about 30-45 mins to swap over. 

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Try clamping a jump lead from the starter body straight back to the negative battery terminal. 
My van wouldn’t start, just clicking. Changed battery and starter, no better. Even bridging the terminals on the solenoid wouldn’t do anything. Turns out it was a dodgy earth strap. 

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no have had a look.each time i press the starting button,it blows a fues took the starting motor out had it cheked and it turns over ok.we pushed it in the garden yesterday and it will start ok, and not blow a fues.motor bike shop said they will take a look at it. wont be till after xmas now.

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