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update on ozzy


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just got back from vets ozzy pleased to see me tail wagging walking quite well 

spoke to vet the reason the screws broke was becuse the bone did not heal 

he has something to do with intracondylar fissure hes bones will not heal

so waisted the last 4 months with the surgery if i had it all done again it would have been

the same outcum  so the amputasion was the right and only option

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Really sucks to hear that, with his tail wagging I'm sure he won't take long to get used to the missing leg. I doubt he's ready for retirement so after his R and R I would get him back out to some gentle work with an aim to getting him back into the field again. I'm sure you will be beside yourself with pride when he makes his first retrieve on game after his amputation. 

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took him to vets thursday to check his stitches were ok  everthing is ok stitches will come out on the 30th then a week after he can 

play as normal he is doing very well he walks ok  cockinghis leg needs a bit of practice  he  can walk down stairs ok but up stairs not so good but 

i am sure he will get the hang of it  he can also jump up on my bed without any problems thanks for asking

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