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Wildcat whisper and wildcat panther .17hmr

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Dont use either but the Main difference as far as im aware is the internals , totally different design , but the internals on the panther look to be a pain to clean , i use a DM80 which is a cracking mod and easy to strip and clean

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The panther is rated up to .17 fireball. It’s dead easy to strip and clean, brilliant on hmr and hornet. In fact, I can’t tell the difference between the panther and the evolution on my hornet, and the evo is much bigger and heavier. If you get one for hmr you won’t be disappointed. Even with my short 15inch hmr there’s no muzzle blast noise at all, just a mild supersonic crack from the bullet, but you’ll always get that of course. £150 but does a fantastic job, lightweight as well, highly recommended. 😁👍

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