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Tom grange cartridge collector Lincolnshire

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On 20/11/2020 at 20:33, Bigdavet said:

Can anyone tell me if Tom grange is still around ? And still collecting old cartridges please 

I have a number but didn’t want to ring if he’s not ! 

Many thank dave 

Tom is still around but not very well so I hear, do you have any old cartridges ?


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No, not myself , I have come across roughly a 1000 carts !50% are old ,the guy selling them for his farther has rough idea of there value , I been and bought some of the newer carts , but there’s is a lot of old ones , a few are in full boxes . 

I spoke to Tom a few years ago and remembered he is reasonably local to me , and he would have a better idea of there value !

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