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13 hours ago, Centrepin said:

I went into Halfords today, couldn't belive how busy it was considering it's supposed to be lockdown. Only one member of staff in the shop, poor lass on till said she'd had enough. Other member of staff was outside fitting bulbs. Because she had to go in the back to get what I wanted, shop and till had to be left unattended. A shoplifters dream methinks. Note: I was only in as its next door to the vets and dogs needed boosters.

I decided on the mid range NOCO Boost XL. Supposedly able to start up to 4.5 litre diesel engine.

It's on charge now so only time will tell if it's going to work.

I'll not know for a few days as the Rangey is in having a fuel pump fitted.

I bought it as they have a no quibble guarantee. If it doesn't turn the engine then back it goes. According to the bumf that comes with it, it can work with a battery showing 2v or less on a 12v system.

Weighing in at 3lb and quite small it'll find a home in one of my boxes in the back.




I have the same jump pack and it will start my 1.9tdi passat 16 times when its battery is totally dead and still have 2 bar of charge left in it. If your battery is totally flat make sure you put it in boost. 

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