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Roosting time?

Piers Austin

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37 minutes ago, Piers Austin said:

Pleased to say have got some roost shooting in these past weekends. The pigeons I have shot have had ivy berries or acorns in their crops. Some had maize, presumably from chopped game cover. Haven’t seen any with rape in. Cheers all 

Glad you've managed to get out and have a go at them 👍

The maize (whole or crushed?) will most likely be bird table fodder - or an outside chance a keeper is hand scattering it as part of his efforts to continue feeding into the spring.  I think it's very likely the edible cobs/kernels of maize plants in game covers will be long gone by now - I'd guess anything remaining that was edible will have rotted some time ago.  Plus, grazing from a maize cover birds will tend to peck at and burst the kernels, devouring the soft contents, rather than swallowing a whole kernel.

You'll likely start seeing some pigeons full of clover soon, the meadows are starting to come alive again.

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3 hours ago, old'un said:

That’s great, hope you are shooting a few, do you have much rape in that area?

Yes we are getting a few down

I clear felled a large area of conifers a year or two ago and the oaks have had unbelievable harvests the years after - the pigeon love them 

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