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Breakfast (Not quite) in bed

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Was allowed to have a bit of a Sunday lie in today, got up and my 6 year old daughter had made me Pancakes for breakfast. Obviously the missus helped a bit and while they turned out a bit thicker and breadier(if that's a word) than usual they were delicious none the less with a coffee.

She even had a crack at doing the dishes.... which the missus is now in the process of re-washing 🤣


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26 minutes ago, DUNKS said:

Sounds like there is love in your family . Good on ya!

my daughter can be Jekyll and Hyde sometimes, when we get her up to go for a pee in the night my wife laughs when she hisses like an angry cat at me because we disturb her sleep!! We do like to involve them as much as possible in things, my daughter is all about the dog and my son is wanting to be stuck right into any DIY or destruction job in doing outside

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