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2020 winter lockdown project

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During the first lockdown in March I decided I needed to keep my mind active and healthy,  so i decided to strip,  clean and rebuild my trials bike! This was a great learning experience for a novice like myself who before this had only done a basic oil change... 


I now have the bug and am now working on a Ducati 916, pictures will follow








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Meet the November lockdown project,  it's a Ducati 916 Biposto 1998. Plan is to strip the engine and take the rest down to the frame,  repaint, replate every nut and bolt and have it looking like it did 22 years ago! Youtube will be the fountain of knowledge for this crazy winter project..




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LOVE the sound of the 916, the "fartbox from hell" we called them when we were teenagers. My town would have a lot of bike runs coming through in the summer time and there was nothing like hearing them and the Honda firestorms cruising through.

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Very nice bike!  Had various Harleys/ chops/customs since my youth. Still got early FVDX twin cam,  883 rat rod bobber and Old Skool 1974 1200 Shovelhead chop. And probably enough bits to build another. All still make me grin for different reasons. Built to ride Not shine! It a V twin thing! Shovelhead with open drag pipes sound best! Old Harleys sound Proper! . .  Never grow up!😉  Loud pipes save lives! . . . . . If you like V twins or crazy 2 stroke screamers check out  Allen Millyard  on Youtube. Award winning engineering Genius!! And all built by hand in his garage. Largest V twin, 5L. Smallest V twin 99cc Honda SS moped. 10L V ten viper. 5 cylinder Kwaka KH 2 stroke. . . . . Amazing skill!               NB

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cheers all for the great comments, will be changing the electrics and as for the aftermarket exhausts these will be returned back to the standard pipes..

Started to strip down the main frame, now making loads of notes to how it all fits back together 












123452655_10164380902805321_2528280371563251004_n (1).jpg

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7 minutes ago, Dunkield said:

Looks very clean, I wouldn't have thought it needs masses doing to it.

Belts while it is apart of course, Ducati people always obsess about belts....

She is 70% good, lots of oil leaking from around the heads and main crank case, frame has quite a few marks on it, electrics need looking at and the rear shock has seen better days 

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It's been awhile since the last update. So the frame and engine has all been stripped down. Frame,  subframe and wheels re painted.  Engine cases chemically cleaned and coated. And finally front forks restored and returned to standard 













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