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Winchester pigeon misfiring

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I did it once or twice when first got it over a year ago but then stopped. But out of the blue it started this morning. Thought at first it  was cartridges but tried different ones and the same every 2 out of 4 i click solid click but they don't go off. Happens on both barrels 

But gutted I shoot so well with it compare to other and I can stick any ammo through it. Worth taking the stock off ? But other than lub not much I can do any way. I did give it very light grease in there few weeks ago and I mean light



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Either worn pins, pins dragging or the space they slide in has got dirt in it. If there is a sign of a strike, I would remove the stock, take the firing pins out, check the length of the narrow part of the pin for wear, clean out the hole and make sure they slide without binding.

WD40 and compressed air are your friends.

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Just as an update on this. It worked fine that evening after clearing off most the grease but the next morning on the ducks it was icey cold and it played up again. So stripped it down and got all the grease off I could see which was only a minute bit. Then hosed with wd40 and it has been perfect since. So as said above it needs no friction and I assume in the cold even the tiny amount grease was enough to fowl it. So thanks for the advice folks all good now

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